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SA owned & operated since 1989
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Are YOU looking for winery wastewater disposal? WE CAN HELP YOU.

Signal Waste & Recycling are specialists in managing the disposal of winery wastewater. Our well equipped fleet of vehicles allows us to transport large volumes of wine waste quickly, effectively, and competitively.

We also provide our winery clients specialised PH adjustment and treatment services to improve the quality of their recyclable waste, which are conducted in accordance with legislation and the regulations of the EPA. We can help you ensure the safety of your workers and customers, by bringing your wastewater disposal processes into line with
mandatory health and safety requirements.

Trade waste discharges from the production of wine have the potential to either harm the sewerage system, or to be effectively treated and recycled into effluent for a variety of uses. This means that wine industry poses a significant challenge in its unique operations and requires a dynamic approach to wastewater disposal, including detailed knowledge of large volume tank clean outs and specific timing, and the increased demands of vintage. We can help you optimise the performance of your settling tanks and gravity separation systems, by effectively removing and
disposing of accumulated sludge, and monitoring pH levels.

Effluent from treated winery wastewater is low in organics and solids, and is suitable for a number of uses including irrigation. Because winery wastewater treatment uses bacteria to digest the organic matter present in the waste, the role of pH monitoring in the treatment process is particularly important. Signal Waste & Recycling can improve the quality of your winery wastewater by performing pH testing, and helping to keep the effluent in an optimal pH range that avoids the extremes that are damaging to bacteria. We understand how winery wastewater pH values fluctuate throughout vintage, and how important it is for your business to maintain acceptable levels, which is why we offer effective strategies to improve the performance of your wastewater treatment systems.

Signal Waste & Recycling have the industry knowledge and expertise required to attend to the particular needs of the wineries, and we understand that flexible management and treatment of winery wastewater are essential in ensuring clean and safe production. Our fleet of waste transportation vehicles are fully equipped to handle the large volumes of wastewater generated by wineries in peak season, and we can even provide you with advice on additional pre-treatments that can reduce removal costs.

Signal Waste & Recycling have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we can treat, transport and dispose of your wastewater at competitive prices, with professional and friendly service. We can also arrange a scheduled service for you, accommodating your seasonal requirements, so that the momentum of your business is maintained.

We are fully licensed and accredited, and we guarantee the quality of our work to comply with the regulatory requirements of your permits.

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