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SA owned & operated since 1989
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Are YOU looking for trade waste cartage? WE CAN HELP YOU.

Signal Waste & Recycling can take care of your liquid trade waste needs, from domestic septic tank sludge and effluent, to non-domestic hauled waste.

We can efficiently collect your waste, transport it with our fully equipped fleet of vehicles, and deliver it to the acceptable waste disposal stations and treatment plants in the state. We are fully licensed in handling and transporting large volumes of liquid wastewater, and we protect the health of our workers, our customers, and the general public by doing our job according to legislative and regulatory standards. We honour our responsibility for preventing prohibited and dangerous materials from being discharged into sewerage systems, and for ensuring that treated wastewater either meets recycled water standards or is safe for disposal.

Correct management of trade waste is essential for public health and safety, to comply with legislation, and for environmental protection. Your business’s waste disposal should be left to professionals, because the waste usually involves potentially dangerous and hazardous chemicals, which pose a substantial risk to you, your clients and the public, if they aren’t managed properly. Signal Waste & Recycling’s fully licensed contractors comply with legislation, and regulatory agencies including the EPA, to ensure that our service meets the quality control and workplace health and safety standards required for removal and disposal of your trade waste.

Our trade waste cartage services cater to clients across many industries, including commercial food and beverage, the dairy industry, and the wine industry. Whatever your business involves, Signal Waste & Recycling can provide you with efficient trade waste cartage. We have over 20 years of experience in trade waste disposal, and we can collect, transport and dispose of your trade waste at competitive prices, while providing professional and friendly
service. Our staff are fully trained, licensed, and competency assessed, and provided with properly maintained equipment to ensure that our services are provided safely and efficiently.

Signal Waste & Recycling can haul a broad range of non-domestic liquid wastes. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the liquid waste your business generates meets the quality and quantity standards specified in your permit, which could mean that on-site pre-treatments need to be conducted. In these circumstances, we can provide you with a pH adjusting service, adjusting the pH of individual batches so they meet the specific requirements for transportation and delivery to disposal stations and treatment plants.

We have a dynamic fleet of vehicles to suit service your trade waste disposal requirements throughout South Australia, and we are able to provide cartage of both small and large volumes of waste. We can also arrange a scheduled service for you, to maximise the efficiency of your business’s waste disposal. We are fully licensed and accredited, and we guarantee the quality of our work to comply with the requirements of your permits.

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