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Are YOU looking for an oil arrestor pit empty? WE CAN HELP YOU.

Many commercial and industrial sites, including petrol stations, vehicle washing bays, and automotive shops, produce oily water waste. These sites are required to have oil arrestor pits installed to separate and filter the oily waste products from wastewater and prevent them from reaching sewerage, where they could cause contamination
and blockages.

If your business has an oil arrestor pit, it must be emptied and maintained according to health and safety regulations and trade wastewater agreements. Depending on the capacity and type of your business, pump outs and cleaning of oil arrestor pits should be conducted every 3 to 6 months, and accurate documentation and maintenance schedules must be provided to the relevant authorities for you to meet your waste disposal obligations. At any time, the authorities can also order you, at your own expense, to analyse the quality of the wastewater to ensure that it
complies with their guidelines.

Preventing oily water and sludge from entering the sewerage system is necessary for environmental protection.

The oil from liquids like cleaning products and fuel wastes are collected in the filtration system of oil arrestor pits, allowing only water that has been cleaned and treated to reach the sewer and the outside environment. But it is necessary for the arrestor pits to be functioning optimally for the oily wastes to be removed from the water, and to guarantee that the quality of the effluent is safe for the environment and human exposure. Regular maintenance and servicing is essential to ensure that oil arrestor pits are performing properly, and that your business meets the health and safety standards that it is bound by.

Oil arrestor pump outs and maintenance should only be conducted by liquid waste removal professionals. Oil and grease wastes can be hazardous products, and poor management of arrestor pits may result in higher concentrations of heavy metals being released into the sewerage system. Incorrect handling and management of these wastes could result in serious health and safety risks to you and the public. Failing to comply with the strict legislative standards for oily water removal could also mean that your business and livelihood are compromised! Signal Waste & Recycling have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we can attend to all your oily water removal needs according to strict EPA guidelines and health and safety legislation. No matter the scale of your
operation and oily liquid removal needs, Signal Waste & Recycling have the capacity to provide cost effective and professional disposal of your waste, so your safety and compliance are maintained.

With a fully equipped fleet of liquid waste collection vehicles, our licensed contractors can pump out, transport, treat and dispose of your oily water waste, and schedule regular inspection and maintenance of your oil arrestor pits. We will keep your licenses valid, your business operating, and your workers and customers safe!

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