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Are YOU looking for a grease trap clean and empty? WE CAN HELP YOU.

Signal Waste & Recycling have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we are fully certified and accredited with the EPA to clean and pump out your grease traps. Our fully licensed contractors can remove, transport, treat and dispose of your grease trap waste, and provide specific advice on any functional problems and regular maintenance requirements, according to the size and type of your system.

All businesses with grease traps, including food retailers, restaurants and shopping centres, must regularly dispose of grease trap waste. The grease waste generated by commercial kitchens is comprised of large volumes of solids, and it has the potential to cause serious pollution and plumbing issues if it is not properly attended to. Regardless of the size of your grease trap, and the volumes of waste collected, regular pump outs and maintenance are required to prevent bad odours, and overflow into sewerage systems that can cause hazardous blockages and flooding.

Signal Waste & Recycling understand the strict government health and safety regulations that you must meet in order to maintain your permits. As a general rule, your grease traps should be pumped out and cleaned at least every 13 weeks. There are also regulations surrounding the type and size of the grease trap required for each premises, and specific requirements for their installation and maintenance, and we can provide you with recommendations and information to help you bring your system into line and achieve compliance. If you fail to maintain your grease traps properly, you are at serious risk of breaching the terms of your permits, and besides posing serious health risks to yourself and the public, you could be gambling with your business and your livelihood!

Signal Waste & Recycling can provide fully accredited cleaning and maintenance of your grease trap, ensuring your compliance with the SA Water guidelines for discharging liquid grease trap waste, making sure you retain your permits. Our grease trap service encompasses the removal and disposal of grease trap waste, thorough scraping and cleaning of baffles, inspection and documentation of the grease trap’s inlets and outlets, deodorisation of the grease trap system, and the transportation and disposal of the waste at an appropriate facility according to the requirements of the EPA. We provide the documentation necessary for complying with health and safety legislation, so you be assured that you have the properly completed paperwork ready when your premises is audited.

We can also schedule regular maintenance for your grease traps, planning the frequency of pump outs according to the health and safety regulations specific to your system. We can help you to preserve the life and functionality of your system, so you are never at risk of losing revenue to clogging and flooding, or breaching health and safety regulations.

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