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Are YOU looking for an aerobic waste system pump out? WE CAN HELP YOU.

Aerobic waste systems are a modern technology that are frequently installed on new properties, on properties where centralised sewerage systems aren’t cost effective, or where septic systems aren’t appropriate for the property’s soil conditions or size. They are superior to traditional septic systems, producing high quality effluent that can be sterilised for uses including irrigation, and in some cases, can even be used with septic systems to improve their

Although you may already be aware that your system in place, and can identify it by the visible top and the power supply to the tank, you may not have been the one to install the system. You may not be aware that the system needs to be professionally inspected on a regular basis, and that regular pump outs are required as part of the standard maintenance.

Similar to septic systems, aerobic systems have a pre-treatment stage where larger solids are filtered from the wastewater; but the aerobic system also involves an aeration stage, where aerobic bacteria are used to digest the wastes, and a settling stage where undigested solids sink and form a sludge that must be regularly pumped from the system. In some cases, the effluent produced by aerobic systems must be disinfected before it is discharged; but because the systems rely on a balanced ecosystem of bacteria for treatment, there are also regulations surrounding the cleaning products and treatment that you can use.

Incorrect use of cleaning products can cause damage to your system, and reduce the quality of the effluent produced.

There are a number of manufacturers of these systems in Australia, but as a general rule, the systems need to be pumped out at least every 4 years in order to comply with the installation and maintenance approval conditions of the manufacturer. Regular pumping is important in protecting your system, and essential for ensuring that the quality of the effluent adheres to the health and safety standards of the regulatory authorities and public health legislation, and does not pose a significant health risk to you or other people. Signal Waste & Recycling can also advise you on the types of cleaning products available, and their correct usage, to maximise the benefits of your system. We can also provide information on what types of non-digestible items should be avoided in the system, so
that pumps outs won’t need to be performed more regularly.

Signal Waste & Recycling offers aerobic system inspection and pump outs that our conducted by our licensed contractors, and we comply with regulatory agencies including the EPA, to ensure that our service meets the quality control standards required. We have vast knowledge about the maintenance and service required for these systems, and we can provide you with the right resources to maximise the efficiency of your system.

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