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The Best Waste Management Services for the Environment and for You

Any object that does not have any value or use constitutes waste. Many people throughout Australia use various disposable objects. From contact lenses to edible products, the ‘use and throw’ culture has become an intrinsic part of contemporary lifestyles. To an extent, this is understandable. For instance, people working longer hours at their workplaces will hardly have the reserves of energy (or the patience) for preparing fresh meals. In many cases, they would prefer eating something ready-to-consume that does not require much effort. However, this increases the amount of waste that households and commercial enterprises generate on a daily basis.
What are the Various Kinds of Waste Generated by Households and Businesses?
Australia has a growing economy. Its increasing consumption of energy and other resources have enabled many Australians to prosper and raise their standards of living. Yet, this has also resulted in an increase in the amount of waste produced. Many people might feel that all waste and rubbish matter has similar characteristics and features. But, this is not the case. Waste materials usually differ in their diversity, toxicity and complexity. 
Some experts classify waste based on its composition. These individuals would segregate waste into different categories such as:
  • Organic
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass and,
  • Paper
Similarly, some experts in waste management usually classify waste based on its source. Therefore, they classify waste as one of the following. The figures in parenthesis reflect the percentage of waste that each category generates.
  • Construction and demolition waste (42 percent)
  • Industrial and/or commercial waste (29 percent) and,
  • Municipal waste (27 percent)
Municipal waste denotes domestic solid waste. It includes other municipally collected waste from waste bins in schools, parks, streets etc. Commercial and industrial (C&I) waste comprises items such as paper, metals, timber, plastics etc. Construction and demolition (C&D) waste comprises timber, bricks, plaster off cuts, concrete, rubble, steel and excavated earth.
It is worth noting that the physical and chemical properties of all waste matter will vary from one item to another. However, each individual material will typically have a unique life cycle. Depending on the kind of waste it is, its life cycle could have a significant impact on the environment.
South Australia – A Good Record in Waste Management and Resource Recovery
According to the Department of the Environment, Australia generates about 48 million tonnes of solid waste materials each year. Many people forget about the waste they generate once it’s off their property. But this waste does not just vaporise or disappear. Residential and commercial waste removalists collect this waste from the rubbish bins of residential and commercial properties. Thereafter, they use purpose-designed vehicles for disposing of the waste at a landfill or for beneficial processing at a resource recovery facility. 
It is apparent that the waste dumped in a landfill has little utility value. But resource recovery facilities help in preserving the environment because they facilitate the re-use of waste matter. Estimates reveal that South Australia has 497 waste management facilities out of 2,846 such facilities throughout the country. Of these 497 facilities, 247 (or nearly half of all waste management facilities in the state) focus on resource recovery.
In a survey conducted in 2012-13, Zero Waste South Australia measured recycling activity and waste disposal to landfill in South Australia (SA). They found that:
  • The total resource recovery for SA was 3.45 million tonnes that comprised:
    • Approximately 2.66 million tonnes of metals, organics, cardboard, paper, glass, plastics and masonry
    • Around 0.79 million tonnes of soil, sand, rock, rubble and fly ash materials
  • The estimated total direct market value of these materials amounted to $299 million
  • The total landfill disposal for SA was 1.01 million tonnes, of which 140,000 tonnes comprised contaminated soil from construction activities
  • On the whole, the state of SA achieved a diversion rate of 77.4  percent of total waste generated to resource recovery
Rubbish Collection and Recycling Services – A Comprehensive Approach to Waste Management
A top waste management company acquires its reputation based on the diverse range and quality of its services. The needs of domestic and commercial clients can change very quickly. This is why the best companies will offer an assortment of services such as:
  • Waste Removal Services: From emptying the rubbish bins of your house to removing the bulky waste from offices, the best waste removal services have the ability to take care of any kind of activity professionally
  • Recycling Services: Natural resources deplete rapidly. This is why curbing waste and re-using or recycling it is imperative. Responsible waste removal services realise this and ensure that they recycle as much waste as possible.
  • Specialised Services: Commercial clients can have unique requirements based on the domains they operate in. From dealing with the removal of bulky items to disposing of hazardous waste, a leading waste removal company will provide services in accordance with OH&S requirements.
  • Liquid Waste Management: Dealing with liquid waste management responsibly is essential to prevent the contamination of groundwater from effluents. From cleaning grease traps to pumping septic tanks, the best waste management companies never compromise on the quality of their services.
Signal Waste & Recycling – Leading Provider of Waste Management Services in Adelaide
Established in 1989, Signal Waste & Recycling has a formidable reputation in the waste management sector. We have a modern fleet of vehicles for collecting waste. In addition, we offer a diverse range of products and services that meet the needs of all our clients perfectly. 
We service private, commercial, industrial, local, state and federal government sectors throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area. From the removal of waste from waste bins to recycling and disposing of waste, we offer the best services at competitive rates. For a hassle-free experience, call us at 08 8162 5544 for your free quote today.