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Simple Waste Management Practices that Industrial Facilities Can Implement

Estimates suggest that industrial and commercial facilities generate over one billion tons of municipal solid waste each year. This fact alone highlights the importance of formulating and implementing sound waste management policies in these facilities. It is worth mentioning that industrial waste does not only comprise solid waste found in industrial waste bins. It also comprises industrial wastewater and other kinds of trade waste.


Unlike household waste, industrial waste typically comprises an assortment of chemicals, hard metals and other substances. In some cases, it might also comprise hazardous materials such as asbestos and other harmful chemicals. Simply dumping this waste at a landfill will only pollute the environment. Not surprisingly, the authorities require industrial facilities to formulate effective waste management strategies for dealing with the waste they produce.


What Kinds of Waste Do Industrial Facilities Typically Produce?


Hundreds of factories, mills, industries and mining plants abound throughout Australia. These facilities typically consume a diverse variety of raw materials for producing finished goods. Different manufacturing processes help in converting the raw materials into finished goods. However, these processes also yield various by-products that go by the name of industrial waste. Metals, paints, slag, ash, sandpaper etc. are all examples of industrial waste.


In Adelaide and other places, industrial waste management companies classify industrial waste into two categories. These comprise:


-      Biodegradable Industrial Waste: If the action of certain microorganisms can decompose industrial waste matter into non-poisonous waste, those waste materials are biodegradable. In many cases, industrial establishments such as food processing industries, dairy farms, textile mills, slaughterhouses etc. produce this kind of waste. Biodegradable industrial waste consists of paper, leather, wool, wheat etc. Such waste is not toxic. Nor does it require any special treatment. Combustion, gasification, composting etc. are effective ways for disposing of such waste matter.

-      Non-Biodegradable Industrial Waste: When it isn’t possible to decompose industrial waste into the non-poisonous matter, this industrial waste is non-biodegradable. Plastics, fly ash, synthetic fibres, silver foil, glass objects etc. are examples of non-biodegradable industrial waste. Iron & steel plants, fertilizer industries, chemical & dye industries produce such waste. Such waste can accumulate in the environment. In addition, it could enter the bodies of plants and animals, thereby resulting in all kinds of diseases. It is not easy to break down such waste to make it less harmful. Hence, this waste remains an ever-present threat.


What Steps Can Industrial Establishments Take to Manage their Waste Effectively?


Australia generates millions of tones of waste annually. Much of this is a result of industrial and commercial activities. However, disposing of such waste is not easy. In many cases, the waste matter produced needs to undergo treatment to make it harmless enough for release into the environment. This is why industrial and manufacturing establishments rely on specialise waste management companies in Adelaide and other cities for collecting and disposing of their industrial waste.


But, industrial facilities can also take certain measures to ensure that they dispose of their waste responsibly. Some steps that they could consider include:


-      Creating Eco-Friendly Plans: The generation of industrial waste is an ongoing process. To manage the disposal of this waste material, the organisation will need to create an eco-friendly and cost-effective waste management plan. In some cases, they could tie up with other firms or organisation who could use some of the waste produced. In others, they could simply rely on a waste removal company that has a landfill diversion program.

-      Segregating Your Waste: An industrial facility produces a wide range of materials. Not all of these are recyclable. So, if you were to deposit all your waste in the same container, knowing which materials possess recyclable value could become tough. Eliminate this hassle by placing different containers for different waste. This would enable you to store and dispose of your hazardous waste, compostable organic waste, non-hazardous solid waste, regulated material and recyclable materials accordingly.

-      Recycling Waste: Some industrial waste has recyclable value. Waste materials such as glass, plastics and paper offer immense scope for recycling and reuse. If you can segregate your recyclable waste from the waste that you need to dispose of, it could yield several benefits. Firstly, you will not need to spend as much as you currently do to your waste removal company. In addition, recycling your waste can help you meet some of the statutory requirements prescribed. And, if you can reuse some of your waste, you will not need to procure as much raw material as you currently do.

-      Seek Professional Assistance: Not all industrial facilities can afford to hire staff for segregating and dealing with the waste produced on site. Training these individuals will consume a lot of time too. Instead, hire a reputed and professional waste removal agency who can deal with all kinds of waste. This would make your waste removal activities much easier.


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