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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Adopting the Best Waste Management Practices

People typically dispose of items that hold no value for them in industrial or front lift bins. But, this does not mean that these items are worthless or useless. It is worth mentioning that these items might still have scope for reuse. For instance, a large percentage of waste comprises paper, cardboard, green waste etc. Recycling such waste materials is certainly easier.


However, commercial and industrial waste is not as easy to recycle. In many cases, this waste comprises different compounds and substances that are unfit for releasing directly into the sewer lines. As such, the local authorities require commercial establishments to treat this waste before releasing it into the environment. Anything that enters the environment will invariably have an effect on the health and safety of the people living in the vicinity.


Why are Landfills Not the Best Solution When It Comes to Disposing of Waste?


Waste management requires residential and commercial entities to dispose of their waste in the most effective manner. In particular, it involves segregating the waste as well. This is essential for ensuring that recyclable waste ends up at the recycling plant, while unusable waste goes to the landfill. It is worth highlighting that landfills are not a viable solution for disposing of waste. Not only does the indiscriminate dumping of waste materials at landfills exhaust the space available. It necessitates the need for identifying additional space for using as a landfill, once the current one exhausts the space available.


At the same time, disposing of waste at landfills typically involves burying the waste. If done properly, it can be effective. However, when not buried properly, the waste can attract vermin. Wind can blow away some of the waste too, thereby spreading litter in the vicinity. Similarly, the generation of liquid leachate could contaminate the soil and, in some cases, even the ground water. Lastly, when waste breaks down over time, it releases gas (typically methane). All these aspects will affect the environment in various ways. This is why effective waste management has become so important in contemporary times.


Why Is Waste Management So Essential for Commercial and Industrial Establishments?


Commercial and industrial establishments typically use raw material and natural resources. Thereafter, they process these items and convert them into various kinds of goods and products. These processes will invariably generate waste. Importantly though, the waste collection of these establishments in Adelaide and other cities will be quite substantial. If disposed of ineffectively, this waste could easily wreak havoc on the ecosystem. As such, it is hardly surprising that governmental and regulatory authorities require these facilities to implement waste management plans. Sound waste management plans can help in minimising the waste that ends up at the landfill.


Some decades ago, many business owners would have felt that recycling waste would complicate matters. But, the scenario has changed remarkably in the intervening years. Today, business owners have become aware of how recycling waste can serve to save money. For instance, by curbing the amount of waste they produce, businesses can ensure that they use their materials more efficiently. Similarly, the waste of one company is the raw material for another. By liaising with each other, business entities can reduce the amount they spend on obtaining the raw materials they require.


Lastly, waste removal companies often base their charges on the volume of waste they collect at a specific facility. If you recycle a substantial part of your waste, this will naturally minimise the waste that requires landfilling. As such, you can reduce your waste disposal expenses by reusing and recycling significant parts of the waste you produce. All of these elements will undoubtedly boost the bottom-line of the organisation.


How Can You Ensure that Your Business Establishment Minimises its Carbon Footprint?


In Adelaide and other Australian cities, waste management has become a part of everyday life. Residential and commercial property owners alike are adopting various methods for minimising the waste they produce. If you’re serious about reducing your carbon footprint, consider implementing the following measures:


-      Place separate Front lift bins or rear lift bins at various spots on the facility for collecting different kinds of waste

-      Compost unsafe organic products into organic compounds that can feed the plants in your facility

-      Train employees on the best ways of handling different kinds of waste materials

-      Identify and label the waste you produce before you hand it over to the waste removal company for disposal

-      Identify local collectors of recyclable waste

-      Ensure that your bins are in good condition to avoid waste falling through cracks and holes in them and,

-      Ensure that you use specific bins that are appropriate for specific kinds of waste


Select the Best Waste Removal Company to Deal with All Kinds of Industrial and Commercial Waste


Not many business owners have the time to devote for ascertaining how they need to handle the waste that their business generates. In this scenario, hiring a waste removal company can be beneficial. Signal Waste & Recycling is the leading waste removal and recycling service provider in Adelaide. A South Australian owned and operated outfit, we can deal with all kinds of waste – including liquid waste. We have a modern fleet of vehicles. This enables us to provide prompt and efficient services throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area. In addition, we collaborate with Zero Waste and the EPA to adopt advanced recycling technologies and innovative transport solutions. This makes us the waste removal company of choice throughout Adelaide. To get the best waste and recycling rates, call us at 08 8162 5544. 

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