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Minimise the Generation of Waste to Lower Your Waste Management Expenses

Industries and factories all over the country churn out a diverse range of goods and products for consumption. Their manufacturing processes typically convert various raw materials into finished goods. But, this transformation does not take place without the generation of a sizeable amount of waste. If you were to take a glance at any industrial waste bins, the types and the volume of the waste these commercial establishments typically generate would make you feel astonished. However, all the waste in these bins will usually be solid waste. In addition to solid waste, many businesses produce wastewater or trade waste as well. People refer to this as liquid waste.


The Importance of Waste Management in Adelaide and Other Cities in Australia


The impact of rising levels of waste has become much clearer over the past few decades. Untreated liquid waste often finds its way through the various layer of soil. As a result, it pollutes the soil. In addition, it often ends up contaminating potable water sources. Similarly, solid waste will not simply disappear by wishing. If ignored, it could easily attract a variety of rodents and pests. As this waste ferments, it will lead to the proliferation of harmful microorganisms. The unseemly sight and the foul odours emanating from this waste will only aggravate things further. This is why many regulatory bodies require commercial establishments to treat the waste they generate.


Waste management typically involves the collection, transport, processing, recycling and / or disposal of various waste materials. To comply with these requirements, industries and factories in Adelaide and other cities usually hire various waste management companies. Hiring these professional outfits enables businesses to remain free from having to deal with the waste they produce. Professional waste removal and disposal companies do not merely collect the waste from these facilities. They segregate, sort and recycle as much of the waste as possible. The rest they dispose of at the nearest landfill. By following various eco-friendly practices, these waste removal companies minimise the volume of waste that ends up at the landfill. In addition, by recycling waste, they help in conserving a diverse range of natural resources. 


Recycling Activity and Waste Disposal at Landfills in South Australia in Numbers


Zero Waste SA is a South Australian state government organisation. It enables people to implement and improve their waste avoidance and recycling practices. Their efforts have yielded significant results. According to Zero Waste SA, the amount of waste ending up at landfills in the state has reduced by 17.32 percent since 2003-04. Zero Waste SA carries out regular studies of recycling activities and waste disposal to landfills in the state. The key findings of their SA Recycling Activity Survey for 2013-14 reveal that:


-      The total waste produced by the state in 2013-14 amounted to 3.59 million tonnes

-      Of this, 0.87 million tonnes comprised soil, sand, rock, rubble and fly ash materials

-      The remaining 2.72 million tonnes comprised metals, organic materials, cardboard, paper, glass, plastics and masonry etc.

-      The diversion rate i.e. waste material diverted to resource recovery amounted to 79.7 percent

-      Approximately 0.91 million tonnes of waste ended up at the landfills in the state

-      About 5.4 percent i.e. 49,000 tonnes of this constituted contaminated soil from various construction activities


These numbers highlight the value of the work that various recycling service companies have been performing in Adelaide and other cities in the state on a consistent basis.


How to Minimise the Waste You Generate to Lower Your Waste Management Expenses


Many companies empty out your residential and commercial waste bins in Adelaide and other cities. These companies often charge based on the volume of waste they collect. Some companies might even levy slightly higher rates for specific categories of waste. Therefore, it becomes clear that the more waste you generate, the higher your waste management expenses will be. This is why it’s worthwhile to explore ways by which you can reduce the waste you generate.


To minimise the waste you produce:


-      Measure the volume of waste your facility produces

-      Implement a strict segregation system by engaging people to check whether you can reuse or recycle the waste generated e.g. paper and cardboard waste etc.

-      Identify solutions that enable you to minimise your waste production i.e. some companies might be able to reuse the waste you generate

-      Minimise the waste materials you bring into the office by avoiding packaged items, purchasing new bottles of water etc.

-      Reducing the waste materials you throw by composting food waste, looking after your machines and appliances well, purchasing durable items and repairing broken or defunct items


It is worth highlighting that waste denotes materials and items that you have no further value in your eyes. Yet, the amount you’ll typically end up paying your rubbish removalist will probably be quite high. By re-using and recycling as much waste as possible, you can minimise your waste collection expenses in Adelaide and other cities.


Signal Waste & Recycling – Your One-Stop Shop for the Best Bins and Recycling Services in Adelaide


Established in 1989, Signal Waste is your one-stop shop for all waste and recycling requirements. We provide a diverse range of products and services that suit an array of clients in South Australia. We cater to the waste disposal needs of various private, industrial and commercial clients in the Adelaide metropolitan area. In addition, we service various local, state and federal government sectors as well. We adopt the best industry practices prevailing currently. This helps us meet the ever-changing needs of the environment. To facilitate this, we collaborate with various regulatory agencies too. Some agencies we work with include the EPA and Zero Waste. When you want professional, safe and cost effective waste removal services, think of us. Call us on 08 8162 5544 for your free quote today.


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