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Making Your Business Green

Many business enterprises the world over are taking pride in calling themselves green. In the past, being in the green denoted a profitable business. However, over the past few decades, the word ‘green’ has taken on an entirely different connotation. As such, a green business today signifies a business that follows sustainable or environment-friendly practices. In Adelaide, many business establishments have a detailed waste management plan in place. This plan serves to divert waste from the landfill by recycling and reusing as much of the waste generated on site. This is one of many measures that companies and organisations typically adopt to become green.


Owners of many small and midsize businesses might feel that the measures required for becoming green will affect their profitability. However, this is not the case. Many organisations across the world have benefited from adopting environment-friendly practices. If anything, they have realised that by following eco-friendly practices, they have minimised expenses and wastage, thereby increasing their profits. In addition, being able to highlight themselves as an environment-friendly business concern has helped them gain positive publicity too. This, in turn, has helped them widen their customer base considerably.


What is a Green Business or Company?


The term ‘green business’ refers to a commercial establishment that follows environmentally sound business practices. In many cases, a green business establishment will:


-      Use organic and natural products for constructing its facilities

-      Follow a rigorous set of rules to minimise harmful emissions from its facilities into the environment

-      Encourage employees to carpool thereby minimising the consumption of fossil fuels

-      Use energy efficient lighting devices and fixtures to minimise power consumption

-      Source its raw materials and supplies from environmentally responsible suppliers and,

-      Minimise the volume of waste that requires disposal at landfills by recycling and reusing waste items wherever possible


A company that follows environment-friendly practices will typically focus on keeping its environmental footprint as small as possible. In addition, it will aim at reducing (and re-using) as much of the waste it generates as possible.


What Are the Three Rs of Sustainable Business Practices?


The ‘Three Rs’ i.e. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle are the fundamental plank that any business establishment will need to follow to go green. The term ‘Reducing’ focuses on minimising the consumption of electricity and fuels. As such, it ranges from using energy efficient lighting fixtures to promoting the concept of carpools among employees. The term ‘Reducing’ also involves the reduction of waste produced at the facility. Business facilities can minimise their waste by keeping printouts or hard copies to a bare minimum. In addition, the use of ceramic cups and mugs instead of disposable paper cups can help in minimise the volumes of waste that a business facility produces.


For many people, the term ‘Reusing’ will typically involve reusing paper bags and miscellaneous office equipment. However, reusing also focuses on minimising the waste that requires disposal. As such, instead of dumping one-side-used paper into the waste bins in your Adelaide facility, you could consider reusing such paper.


Similarly, the term ‘Recycle’ is the third prong of following sustainable business practices. By recycling waste, you will be able to transform the waste into a product that offers scope for reuse. This minimises your dependency on various natural resources and raw materials – some of which could be scarce. It also helps in minimising your carbon footprint. Many leading cities in the country have several government-approved recycling plants and centres. By collaborating with these facilities, you will be able to put your waste to good use. In addition, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint too. The lesser generation of waste will reduce your need for bulk rubbish removal services as well. This will help your business become an environment-friendly venture.


How Can a Commercial Establishment Work in Conjunction with a Recycling Plant to Become a Green Enterprise?


Some measures that any commercial establishment could take for becoming green include:


-      Using specific containers and waste bins for recyclable waste in the business facilities in Adelaide and other places

-      Using separate containers for various recyclable waste materials such as glass, metal, paper, cardboard, plastic etc. to make it easier to deposit at the recycling plant

-      Depositing old and broken electronic items, appliances etc. at the local recycling plant so that deconstructing these items and obtaining the useful parts and components from these devices becomes easier

-      Purchasing recycled paper from recycling plants for use in the office

-      Collaborating with the recycling plant to ascertain the local suppliers who take back packaging and similar waste items for reuse

-      Recycling the ink and toner cartridges that you use in your printing devices at the workplace and,

-      Purchasing recycled products such as recycled mousepads, plastic rulers etc. and using them as promotional products for your business


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