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Just How Important is Construction Waste Management in Contemporary Times?

Commercial waste refers to the waste that commercial establishments typically produce. It is worth highlighting that the volume of waste that commercial facilities produce easily surpasses the volume of waste that residential facilities generate. In addition, the waste found in industrial waste bins is not as easy to break down as residential waste. This is why regulatory authorities require commercial facilities to treat, sort or filter their waste before releasing it into the environment.


What is Construction Waste?


The construction sector is one of the most profitable sectors in Australia. This is hardly surprising given the ever-increasing need for adequate housing facilities across the country. In addition, many organisations keep requiring office space in the best commercial hubs in the city. To cater to this need, builders keep erecting structures across the city. But, this activity also generates massive amounts of waste. The waste materials commonly found on many construction sites include wood, window glass, metals, paint, cardboard, concrete etc.


Unlike typical commercial waste, construction waste will not only be heavy. It will be bulky as well. Not surprisingly, it will occupy enormous amounts of space in landfills. The more construction waste that builders dump at landfills, the faster the landfill will run out of space. To remedy this situation, the authorities require builders to formulate effective waste management plans. This typically involves recycling and reusing the business, commercial and construction waste produced at these sites.


What Are Some of the Most Common Types of Construction Waste Found on Construction Sites Across Australia?


Some of the most common types of construction waste include:


-      Building Materials: This will usually comprise plaster, scrap metal, cement, bricks, insulation, nails, rebar, wood, electrical wiring etc.

-      Dredging Materials: This comprises materials displaced during the preparation of a construction or demolition site. It will include items such as rubble, dirt, rocks, tree stumps, trees etc.

-      Hazardous Waste: This could include asbestos, fluorescent bulbs, strippers, mercury, paint thinners, lead, aerosol cans etc. Builders will need to dispose of these in accordance with local regulations.


It is worth highlighting that construction waste is not worthless. Many items comprising construction waste possess recyclable value. Thus, by recycling and reusing this waste material, builders can save money that they would otherwise spend on purchasing fresh material. At the same time, by implementing a landfill diversion program, they can minimise their landfill dumping expenses too.


The Importance of Construction Waste Management in Adelaide and Other Cities


As mentioned earlier, construction-related activities will yield massive amounts of waste. Whether you’re erecting a new structure or demolishing it, several items will invariably end up as waste material. Unfortunately, a large part of this waste material is not devoid of value. It offers scope for recycling and reuse. For instance, builders can recover waste wood and cardboard. Thereafter, they could recycle this for use in new projects. Similarly, they can crush cement, bricks and plaster and reuse it in other construction or building projects.


Many construction sites generate enormous amounts of waste. Removing these mounds of waste is often beyond the capability of many local rubbish removal companies. In addition, construction waste can make landfills exhaust their available space at a much faster rate. This is why the regulatory authorities have formulated rules that require builders to recycle as much (or a portion) of the waste they produce onsite. Several builders across the country are formulating waste management plans. This is because these plans:


-      Enable builders to comply with local laws and regulations, thereby minimising the risks of incurring hefty penalties and fines for non-compliance

-      Enable builders to save money from purchasing fresh material, when they can reuse existing material in their activities

-      Enable builders to save money that they would otherwise need to pay waste collection companies in Adelaide and other cities for collecting the waste and at landfills for dumping the waste

-      Enable builders to make their construction sites safer, as mounds of waste on the site can be hazardous

-      Enable construction companies to make a favourable impression because worksites sans debris are easier to navigate as well as to work in and,

-      Help in protecting the environment and minimising the wasteful consumption of scarce natural resources by encouraging sustainable practices such as recycling and reusing waste materials


Signal Waste & Recycling – The Brand to Trust for Effective and Comprehensive Waste Management


At Signal Waste & Recycling, we offer reliable and affordable waste and recycling services. A South Australian owned and operated business, we serve a host of clients throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area. Our clients do not merely comprise private, industrial and commercial establishments. Many local, state and federal government agencies utilise our services as well. This fact highlights why we have forged an ironclad reputation for being the leading provider of waste collection and recycling services in Adelaide.


Waste removal and recycling is without a doubt our most popular and sought-after service. But, we do more than just collect waste, sort it and recycle it. Many businesses in our sector only deal with solid waste. In contrast, we can deal with liquid waste as well. So, if your grease traps or septic tanks require cleaning or servicing, our staff can assist with this as well. In addition, we specialise in offering a diverse range of waste and recycling bins too. We can provide you with the bins that best suit your requirements. From front lift bins to commercial waste bins, we have it all. We also offer document destruction services. With us, you can expect reliable waste management solutions that suit your needs to the ‘T’. To know more, call us at 08 8162 5544.

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