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What You Should Know About Hazardous Waste Removal


Finding the right way and the right company in Adelaide to use to collect and remove waste and rubbish from your property is essential. Junk removal experts can handle just about any type of hazardous, rubbish, and industrial waste management, clean-up, whether it’s recyclable products like glass, cans, or aluminium, to construction waste, like concrete, bricks and other debris.

It’s important to note that some rubbish removal companies specialise in industrial waste management while others engage in residential rubbish removal, such as household waste from kitchens.

Some companies in Adelaide offer free services, while others charge a fee to remove your trash. Free services usually pertain to recyclable waste. The companies that charge usually handle larger pick-ups like tree branches, removal of junk cars, construction waste, or furniture and equipment. The cost of a pick-up will depend on the amount of trash that needs to be removed from the property.

In most cases, the collected garbage will be sorted out in a waste treatment processing plant to be disposed of or recycled as is seen fit. Scheduling a service pick-up is relatively easy, as this can be done by calling or going on-line, but sorting out what is acceptable for pick-up isn’t quite so easy. Carpets, tiles, furniture, toilets, and sharp objects like windows and mirrors are all acceptable.

Hazardous waste that can cause a fire, explode or is toxic to life or the environment in general may be removed and disposed of by a quality trash removal company. If your waste includes chemicals like acid, or gasoline, you’ll have to make sure that you follow the company’s containment protocols before they arrive for pick-up.

Most trash and rubbish removal services will take items like carpeting, furniture, clothes and electronics to a reuse and recycling centre, but you’ll find that it’s cheaper to contact the centre yourself and have them collect it for free.

Since disposal facilities have specific, and in most cases, strict guidelines when disposing of items, it is necessary to be careful not to mix different waste types together, as this can result in extra disposal charges.

There are several different types of waste item piles that should never be mixed. These are:

  • General waste applies to anything that can be found inside or around a household, such as biodegradable trash, furniture, boxes, toys, and clothes
  • Bricks, floor and roof tiles
  • Green waste such as grass, tree branches, and leaves
  • Electronic Waste such as computer and other peripheral accessories, televisions, DVD players, printers, copiers, etc.

A good waste disposal company should know how to handle the safe removal of hazardous chemicals, like liquid waste, oil, bio-chemical, and corrosive items. This is essential to industries in the healthcare field, manufacturers, airlines, transportation companies, refineries, academic, etc. The waste extraction process is accomplished with the use of tanker trucks, vacuum trucks, or semitrailers. In some cases, railcars may be used to transport the hazardous cargo as well. Once the materials have made it to the treatment plant, they may be moved through the use of mobile waste bins with wheels known as rolloffs. The stored hazardous waste is categorised and checked repeatedly to ensure that it cannot leak or cause harm to anyone or anything during the disposal process.