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How Commercial Establishments Can Create Comprehensive Waste Management Plans

Business establishments typically provide a diverse range of goods and services. For manufacturing goods, these enterprises will have in place processes that convert the raw materials into finished goods. Naturally, this will result in the generation of different kinds of waste. Similarly, not all service providers offer services that generate little or no waste. For instant, restaurants and commercial eateries will generate both solid and liquid waste. Similarly, car wash agencies will generate a large amount of wastewater.


It goes without saying that the amount of waste contained in any commercial waste bins that dot Adelaide and other cities will easily surpass the volume of waste that many residential waste bins contain. This is one of the biggest reasons why commercial establishments need to take steps for minimising or treating the waste they produce. However, there is another reason why regulatory authorities have formulated rules that require commercial facilities to treat their waste properly.


What Does the Term ‘Waste Management’ Denote?


Whether you’re talking about residential waste or commercial, the fact remains that you’ll need to collect, store and dispose of it properly. This is precisely what waste management involves. No commercial establishment can eliminate the generation of waste. But, they can take steps to minimise the waste they produce. In addition, they can adopt effective measures for treating the waste they produce as well. This would make the waste safe for releasing into the environment.


However, no business enterprise can afford to ignore the waste it produces. Sure, it can hire various waste management firms in Adelaide and elsewhere to collect and dispose of the waste accordingly. But, all waste is essentially some matter. It will not disappear with time. Hence, it is important for formulate a comprehensive strategy that can treat this waste properly. If business owners ignore this, it could end up contaminating the environment. And, it could lead to the regulatory authorities imposing hefty penalties and fines on the company causing the pollution.


Traditionally, disposing of all solid waste in landfills has been a common practice the world over. But, the volumes of waste will typically increase with every passing day. At this rate, it won’t take long for landfills to run out of space much earlier than anticipated. This would force the local administration to identify other landfill areas. However, this wouldn’t be of much help. This is why the authorities have formulated landfill diversion programs. The most sustainable way of dealing with waste lies in recycling and reusing it. This would not only minimise the quantum of waste that ends up at the landfill. It would reduce the strain on various natural resources too.


How Should a Business Establishment Go About Creating an Effective Waste Management Plan?


It is a given that commercial establishments will produce higher volumes of waste than domestic ones. More importantly, the composition of commercial waste – whether solid or liquid – will usually be more complex than that of domestic waste. Nearly all reputed commercial establishments in Adelaide and other Australian cities have sound waste management plans. These plans are essentially guides that help the business reduce, handle and dispose of the waste the entity produces properly. The business goals and procedures of one business will not be identical to another. Hence, it is more than likely that their waste management plans will vary as well. A sound waste management plan will:


-      Feature details of all the types and quantities of waste the business produces, ranging from natural materials to wastewater

-      Segregate the waste gathered from wheelie bins and onsite compactors into categories such as recyclable waste, reusable waste and refuse

-      Cite the manner in which the business will dispose of the refuse and its eventual destination

-      Specify details about the nature and the removal of all recyclable waste and the ultimate destination of this waste

-      Detail the nature and the utility of reusable waste (including the steps needed for cleaning this waste to make it fit for reuse)

-      Include instructions for handling all kinds of waste – including the equipment needed for this and the safety procedures that workers involved in waste collection in Adelaide and other cities need to follow

-      Specify goals for waste reduction in terms of specific quantity goals

-      Assign responsibility to various individuals or departments for managing the waste the business entity or department produces and,

-      Ensure that the waste management plan complies with all the local laws and regulations prescribed for commercial establishments


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