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Effective Waste Management Tips for Commercial Property Owners

Commercial establishments invariably end up producing finished goods from raw materials. Or, they provide a diverse range of services to their clients. However, these establishments also produce enormous amounts of waste. Dealing with this waste can often present a challenge. This is why commercial set-ups in Adelaide and other places formulate effective waste management strategies.

Merely dumping commercial waste at the nearest landfill is hardly a long-term solution. This will simply result in the landfill running out of space at a much faster pace. This is why the authorities require businesses to manage and dispose of their waste effectively. Business establishments that fail to do this could be liable for the damages arising from their negligence.


An Overview of Domestic and Commercial Waste

Many people might feel that all waste is identical. This is regardless of whether it comes from a residential property or a commercial facility. However, this is not the case. Rubbish removal companies offer comprehensive waste and recycling solutions. This is why they are able to deal with both kinds of waste in a more effective manner.

Domestic waste refers to waste generated as a result of ordinary activities taking place in a residential property. Many waste bins that dot Adelaide and other cities in Australia will typically contain domestic waste. The property owners will usually deposit their waste at the nearest landfill or waste collection centre. Or, they will engage professional rubbish removal companies for collecting this waste and disposing of it effectively.

In contrast, commercial waste refers to the waste produced as a result of carrying out a business or any set of commercial activities. As such, it will include the lawn and garden clippings resulting from the regular maintenance of the business facility. More importantly, it will include the waste produced by the manufacturing processes of the business too. In restaurants and commercial kitchens, the waste produced by the eatery’s customers will come under the category of commercial waste as well.


What Value Does a Sound Waste Management Policy Provide for a Business Facility?

Waste management refers to the collection, transportation, processing and disposing of waste material. As mentioned earlier, commercial entities typically produce substantial amounts of waste. Dumping all this waste at the landfill will not only exhaust the space available at the landfill at a much faster rate. It will unnecessarily lead to the loss of several items that possess recyclable value as well. Waste materials such as glass, paper and wood offer immense scope for reuse. By disposing of them at the landfill, you are effectively nullifying their recyclable value. At the same time, you are increasing the strain on various natural resources – some of which might be scarce.


The authorities have realised the importance of recycling and reusing waste. This is why they have introduced measures aimed at minimising the strain on the environment. For instance, the authorities require businesses to formulate waste management plans in Adelaide and other places. These policies will not only help in reducing the need for fresh raw materials derived from natural resources. They will help in ensuring that the waste that these facilities typically produce does not have a detrimental effect on the city as well the people living in it.


Tips to Manage Your Commercial Waste Effectively


Many business owners do not how to formulate effective waste management programs. These people could consider working with waste professionals. This would enable them to ascertain the manner in which they could create and implement these programs. Some business owners might find that their company’s waste management program is unwieldy. As such, it will invariably be consuming a significant part of their budget. To minimise commercial waste management expenses, business owners should consider:


-      Evaluating the waste their company produces on a daily or a monthly basis, so as to identify items that offer scope for recycling and reuse

-      Exploring objects that offer scope for reuse and putting them back into use via a recycling service provider in Adelaide and other places

-       Reduce the waste that goes to the landfill, thereby minimising the associated transportation and landfill charges

-      Identifying local collectors of recyclable materials to send recyclable waste to these agencies rather than to the landfill

-      Going through your waste and recycling collection contracts thoroughly to consider the effects your recycling contract arrangements might have on your ability to recycle and,

-      Placing different bins at various spots in your facility for dumping distinct kinds of waste, to make sorting of waste easier


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