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Confidential Destruction and Shredding for Your South Australian Business

Keeping sensitive information confidential can be a tricky affair for many businesses, especially when it comes time to dispose of that information. Private documents, whether it be in paper,  x-ray, DVD or hard disk format, can all be destroyed and recycled with confidence when you choose the right waste management provider. 
According to the Australian and New Zealand division of the National Association for Information Destruction, a study published in February 2014 found that approximately 30% of previously owned computers contained highly confidential information. Most of these computers originated from enterprise and contained easily accessible information that had been improperly deleted. This information ranged from billing account information to confidential correspondence to personal medical information. 
The study was widely disseminated across Australia and New Zealand and raised awareness regarding proper waste disposal methods, whether it be for paper documents or electronic documents. Employees need to be trained in confidential waste management and know what rubbish bins to place top secret documents in for waste removal and shredding. 
If you are the owner or manager of a business in Adelaide, or anywhere in South Australia, you understand the need to keep certain information confidential. When confidential information becomes known to the wrong people, it can lead to social problems and costly fines for your business. Whether it be employee records, financial data, proprietary information, etc., you need to have a system to ensure that the wrong pair of eyes doesn't find its way to sensitive information. This is why so many businesses will opt to have a trustworthy, external waste management company shred or destroy their documents or products that are out of date. 
Rather than having confidential documents be shredded in-house, many companies in Adelaide and in surrounding areas, have recognized the economic benefit of having a professional waste management company provide the service for them. In the vast majority of cases, for both small and large companies, it it financially efficient to pay a professional with the proper equipment to shred and destroy out of date and confidential information. It comes down to the efficiency by which an external company can shred compared to paying an employee to shred with typically smaller equipment. Besides the economic savings of having an external company shred out of date documents, it ensures that curious employees don't accidentally browse what they are supposed to be destroying. 
Businesses can save more than money and embarrassing situations by taking initiative regarding proper confidential document storage and destruction. By converting paper documents into electronic documents, businesses can save a lot of storage space and gain peace of mind knowing that their confidential information is available on a computer disk and only accessible to authorized personnel.
Businesses can feel doubly good about having their out of date documents being taken into the care of an environmentally-responsible waste management company that is serious about protecting both privacy and the environment. Signal Waste and Recycling is one such company devoted to transforming confidential documents, regardless of medium, into recycled material in an economical, reliable and efficient manner. All information is treated with sensitivity and care and is either shredded or destroyed to ensure that information is forever inaccessible and the remaining product, whether it be paper, plastic or metal is recycled into a new product to be used again. By choosing Signal Waste and Recycling, your business waste is transformed into a new business product, all the while reducing the amount of waste that winds up in a landfill. 
One of the many benefits of choosing Signal Waste and Recycling is the lockable bins that Signal will provide to ensure that your confidential documents are kept safe and separate until they are shredded. There are many types of materials that can be shredded and recycled besides paper. These materials may be expired credit cards, micro film, x-ray, computer hard drives, VHS disks and DVDs, and even clothing.
The Australian document management industry generates approximately 334 million dollars annually and is growing at a rate of 1.9%. Currently employing over 2,000 people, there are nearly four dozen companies in the country that offer document storage, digitization and destruction services. Choosing among those companies for your business' confidential document management needs is an important decision. If you're looking for a customized waste document destruction plan at a competitive quote, look no further than Signal Waste and Recycling.