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Capitalise on the Myriads of Benefits that Accompany the Use of Recycled Plastic

The term ‘plastic’ typically refers to a diverse range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds. Plastics are usually organic polymers that have a high molecular mass. But, they could contain various other substances as well. In many cases, people derive plastic from petrochemicals. Plastic is malleable. As such, it is very easy to mould it into various solid objects.


Plastic is a versatile substance. It is available at relatively low costs as well. Manufacturing plastic is easy. Moreover, given that plastic is impervious to water makes it ideal for manufacturing an assortment of products. From cups to space ships, plastic has nullified the use of wood, stone, bone, leather and other similar materials in many industries. Naturally, this widespread use of plastic will have some unpleasant consequences as well. Waste collection companies in Adelaide and other cities often collect large volumes of plastic waste. Plastic is not biodegradable. As such, disposing of it continues to be problematic.


What is Plastic Waste?


-      Australia uses 376,000 tonnes of plastic packaging annually, of which it recycled 288,194 tonnes in 2010

-      There are approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in each square mile of the oceans in the world

-      A plastic bottle could take as much as 500 years for breaking down in a landfill


Plastic waste, typically found in residential and industrial waste bins across the country, typically comprises:


-      Pre-Use Plastic: This could refer to plastic that has not met the required specifications for intended use. Or, it could refer to cut-offs during assembling or installing too. For instance, pre-use plastic waste could comprise plastic that has the wrong colour or hardness. It is worth highlighting that this material might not be appropriate for its intended use. But, because it might be suitable for other applications, it has high recyclable value.

-      Post-Use Plastic: This waste matter is ideal for recycling. It usually comprises:

o   Plastic bottles and pots

o   Plastic films used in plastic shopping bags, bubble wrap etc.

o   Rigid plastics such as pipes, crates and mouldings

o   Plastic foams comprising Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) used in packaging and,

o   Flexible plastics such as cable sheathing, strapping etc.


Why Is Recycling Plastic a Part of Sound Waste Management Practices in Adelaide and Other Cities?


The production of plastic typically requires oil, coal and gas. These production processes usually emit various greenhouse gases that are responsible for climate change. In many cases, the waste that emerges from the production of plastic often ends up contaminating the oceans. This usually results in killing millions of marine animals each year. As mentioned earlier, plastic waste is not biodegradable. Therefore, it could take hundreds of years before plastic breaks down in landfills. Not surprisingly, plastic waste consumes a large volume of space at landfills across the country.


However, the trend of recycling and reusing plastic waste has become increasingly widespread. By reusing this waste, people are ensuring that this waste does not occupy space at landfills unnecessarily. In addition, they are helping in the conservation of many natural resources. For instance, making products from recycled plastic reduces water usage by 90 percent, carbon dioxide by 2.5 tonnes and energy consumption by two-thirds. Experts highlight that recycling just one tonne of plastic waste could produce sufficient energy for running a fridge for a month.


Why Should You Consider Using Products Made from Recycled Plastic?


As mentioned earlier, plastic waste abounds in large volumes in both residential and commercial waste bins in Adelaide and other cities. Dumping this waste at a landfill will not solve any purpose. Rather, it will only help in aggravating the issue. Plastic waste will not degrade naturally. Thus, it will consume space at the landfill without being of any use. In this scenario, recycling plastic waste could be much better. As highlighted earlier, processing used plastic consumes much lesser energy and water. At the same time, it enables an existing product to become fit for re-use.


By using products made from recycled plastic, you will contribute towards:


-      Saving used plastic goods from becoming useless at landfills throughout the country

-      Reducing the wastage of recyclable waste by converting it into a usable item

-      Minimising your dependence on various natural resources by utilising existing products that have become fit for re-use

-      Reducing the consumption of precious raw materials

-      Reducing the usage of other materials as plastic is a durable material which does not usually require much by way of maintenance

-      Preventing the leakage of harmful chemicals into the earth which is often the case with some non-recycled materials and,

-      Minimising your transportation requirements for getting the finished goods to their destination by sourcing items from your local recycling plants


Enjoy the Convenience Offered by the Best Waste and Recycling Service in Adelaide


Since 1989, Signal Waste & Recycling has been the name to bank on for peerless waste and recycling services. A South Australian owned and operated business, we offer an array of top-notch products and services that meet the ever changing needs of our clients. Our services meet the needs of private, commercial and industrial clients. In addition, we’re the preferred service provider to several local, state and federal government sectors as well. Our staff use a modern fleet of vehicles to provide prompt and impeccable levels of service. Our active collaboration with Zero Waste and the EPA enables us to keep improving the quality of our services. This helps us in keeping our localities and our cities clean and hygienic. To get a free quote, call us at 08 8162 5544.  

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