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It seems like you can recycle almost any of your domestic products these days. Plastic soda bottles, beer cans, milk cartons, newspapers, magazines and even metal items are all recyclable.

Metal recycling might not seem like a common thing or even a necessary step but it is. For starters, things like iron, aluminium, copper, and titanium are not only valuable and finite but they aren’t very bio-degradable. If you throw pieces of metal away you’ll ultimately end up making mountains upon mountains of scrap metal which takes up space and can eventually harm the environment.

So why not simply recycle scrap metal? Some Recycling services in Adelaide are even willing to hand out cash in exchange for your metal scraps. So what’s the harm of doing a little recycling and earning some cash in the process?

Did you know that if people in Adelaide and around the world recycled more of their scrap metal, there wouldn’t be as much need for drilling companies to look for materials to create metal like Titanium, one of the strongest metals in the world. If you happen to have some titanium lying around, which admittedly, not everyone does, take it to a scrap yard and get paid for it.

Like with anything you recycle however, the metal must be separated. Now I realize this can be particular hard for most of us who don’t have a clue what type of metal is what. Worst case scenario, if you’re not familiar with the different types of metal then just gather them up and take them to the junk yard anyway and they’ll sort it out.

However, there is one way that you can differentiate your ferrous scrap metals with the non-ferrous ones. Grab a magnet, any magnet, from your refrigerator and place it on the metal. If it sticks then chances are that the particular metal is ferrous. Ferrous metals can be anything made of steel or iron.  If the magnet falls off the metal then what you’ve got is non-ferrous metals.

When you take your scraps to the junkyard you should get paid more for the non-ferrous metals than the ferrous ones. That’s because the non-ferrous variety contains metal like aluminium, which can be used for door and window fixtures, brass, stainless steel, bronze and of course, copper, which is commonly used in electrical wiring and pipes. Once you’ve figured out which metal is which you can take it to the scrap yard, but before you do, there’s another step you should take.

Wouldn’t you just hate it if you have all your scraps separated and mounted on your truck but when you got there the scrap yard told you that they can’t take that type of metal? If you want to avoid that then call ahead and ask. Chances are that they might not take the ferrous metal because the value isn’t as high or they might not take the non-ferrous metal because they’d have to pay you more for it. Whatever the reasons are you owe it to yourself to check so you don’t waste any time.

Regardless of the outcome, whether you get paid a lot or too little or nothing at all, you should go to your local Adelaide scrapyard and recycle all of your metal. You’ll be clearing up the clutter and helping out the environment.